The innovative design and technology behind the wall-mounted Envi panel heater was the product of years of research by Conservetec, a leading developer of high-quality products that significantly benefit consumers and help conserve natural resources.

Conservetec was committed to creating the world's most efficient, safe, and simple panel heater. And instead of finding the answer in traditional heater components, complicated computer chips, and noisy fans, the design team used nature as its guide for the technology that drives the Envi:

New Fanless “Stack Convection” Technology
The Envi's “Stack Convection” interior maximizes heat transfer through natural convection, making it the most efficient heater available. The Envi does not use fans, so cold air is replaced by warm, clean, soft airflow.

“the most efficient
heater available”

“no other heater on the market is as versatile”

Natural Circulation
Hot air rises, cold air falls. Cold air enters the Envi from the bottom and heats rapidly, creating a natural updraft. The fresh, warm air rises to blanket the room. Air continues to re-circulate through the Envi, continually warming the room.

TRIAC Thermostat System
The Envi is equipped with a state-of-the-art TRIAC thermostat with variable comfort settings so you are never too cold or too hot - always just right. With no moving parts, the TRIAC is 100% silent and adjusts the temperature on 15-second cycles, eliminating temperature swings.

No other heater on the market is as versatile, efficient, and easy to use as the Envi. It is the perfect heating solution for every room in the house - from the bedroom to the bathroom, living room to the dining room, hallway to the study. Now every room in your house can be the perfect temperature.

Be warm with Envi.