World's First “Stack Convection” Room Heater Saves up to 50% on Heating Bills

Dec 22, 2009

Envi offers green, cost–effective alternative to central heating

Conservetec International, a Houston–area product, research and development, and manufacturing company, recently introduced the envi wall–mounted, electric panel heater, which can help realize savings of up to 50 percent on heating bills.

The envi provides an efficient, cost–effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to central heating. The heater features new patented “Stack Convection” technology, which enhances natural circulation, boosting airflow through the unit to maximize heat transfer. Without a built–in fan, the envi promotes a healthy living environment by reducing allergens and dust particles that are blown into the air.

The envi is the result of years of research and development by ConserveTEC, a product development incubator for environmentally and consumer–friendly products.

The dual–stack design naturally draws cold air into the bottom of the envi, then heats the air rapidly, creating an updraft of warm air that re–circulates around a room.

“Our goal was to reinvent household heating”, said Mark McCourt, founder and CEO of Conservetec International. “Consumers no longer have to heat the entire house to try and get one room to the perfect temperature. The envi wall–mounted heater serves as a stand–alone heating solution or a hybrid supplement to existing home or office heating, while reducing heating bills.”

The envi heater is always cool to the touch, installs in seconds, and consumes as little as 4 cents per hour, about the same as four standard light bulbs. The envi also is equipped with a silent, state–of–the–art TRIAC thermostat with variable comfort settings to eliminate temperature swings and an auto–dimming power light.

The 450–watt envi is 19 inches wide, 22 inches high, just 2 inches deep, and weighs only 10 pounds. The envi is proudly made in the USA to ISO 9001–certified quality manufacturing standards.

“This is the perfect heating solution to combat high heating bills, especially in the winter,” said McCourt. “The envi is safe for seniors, kids, and pets, looks great in any room, and is easy to operate it makes for a great holiday gift.”

More information about the envi can be found at The envi wall–mounted panel heater is available exclusively online at

The World's First 100% Pure Convection Electric Panel Heater – Now Available for Purchase

Oct 14, 2009

The newest generation of wall–mounted electric panel heaters – the envi – can be purchased online exclusively through The slim, silent, safe, and stylish envi revolutionizes the heating industry by delivering soft, warm, healthy air through 100% natural convection and without the use of fans, or any moving parts.

Consumers can save up to 50% on their heating bills by using the envi to reduce or eliminate the use of central heating or other electric heating units. The envi is cool–to–the–touch and safe for seniors, children. It features an innovative, adjustable TRIAC thermostat and a sleep–friendly auto–dimmer.

The envi is the result of years of research and development by ConserveTEC, a product development incubator for environmentally and consumer–friendly products.

The envi can be purchased at

Envi Web Site Launched

Oct 15, 2009

A Web site dedicated to the world's first 100% pure convection electric panel heater recently launched to introduce consumers to the envi. The envi–heat Web site provides visitors with background on the product, the innovative fanless “stack convection” technology, which uses natural circulation principles, and the wide–range of benefits that the envi offers.

The Web site also directs consumers to, the exclusive online outlet for the envi.